PORTABLE MINI HUMIDIFIER This humidifier can go anywhere!  Small, portable design is perfect for travel, hotels, bedrooms, or home office.  Runs on included USB cord. TWO COOL MIST MODES Choose from continuous or intermittent mist. Press the button once for continuous mist for up to 5 hours. Press twice for intermittent mist up to 8 hours. EASY TO FILL Simply unscrew top and fill with water.  Water tank holds 150 mL of water.  Do not add distilled water or essential oils to humidifier.  Window in water reservoir lets you see when water is low. AUTO SHUT-OFF  Built-in water sensor automatically turns off power when water falls below adequate supply.  Leak-proof design. COLOR NIGHT LIGHT – Colorful light rotates through 7 different colors when on.  Optional on/off.  To turn on, press and hold button.  To turn off, press and hold button a second time.