O2COOL is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of creative consumer products that solve unique problems. Our products are innovative, multi-functional and Cool by Design™.  We specialize in cooling, hydration and patio, pool & beach solutions that appeal to the “active” consumer. We expanded our line of licensed products to offer your customer choices beyond the basic styles and colors. Specialized displays and seasonal promotions are options for you to extend your selling season beyond the summer months.

We are excited to announce our recent expansion of our product line, O2COOL Pet. Bringing innovation and cooling products to another member of our customers’ families is a logical extension to what we do best.

O2COOL is the premier designer, manufacturer and marketer of “COOL”, creative and affordable consumer products. We strive to build collaborative
partnerships to serve our customers’ needs.

We value our people, our customers, creativity and innovation.

Founded in 1992 by Linda M. Usher with the purpose of bringing portable cooling to the marketplace, O2COOL has developed many patented and proprietary products to keep you cool and looking good. We are the industry leader in battery-operated fansmisting fans and drinking bottles that can mist to cool you while you hydrate. Look for our products at your favorite retailer to stay cool wherever you go.

Ethical business conduct should exist at a level well above the minimum required by law.

Honesty is not subject to equivocation at any time and we must always choose the course of highest integrity. A fundamental principle of business success is to treat all persons fairly. Everyone is entitled to expect that our conduct will reflect the highest standards of honesty, integrity  and fairness in all regards. When engaging the services of others, our choice should be made on the basis of the quality of the service and the competitiveness of the value. Our reputation is dependent upon exercising fairness, honesty and integrity in all dealings and transactions.

O2COOL is a proud member of the following Associations and Trade Organizations.


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